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Clarify What Matters Most

| August 27, 2020
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For many families, the end of August is normally focused on back-to-school planning. This year is different, with a lot of uncertainty around how schools will work, and how it will affect parents’ jobs and the economy as a whole.

For me, this reinforces the idea that you need to prepare for the unknown. You will always need a safety net, which includes savings, debt reduction, and a balanced financial strategy that can help you withstand the risks of market volatility. In a lot of ways, the pandemic has forced us to clarify what matters most to us, and we can work together to craft a strategy that reflects your goals and priorities. 

Looking at the big picture of your financial plan, including your family’s future, is one of the best ways to help achieve your goals.

Here are some articles that I found insightful—enjoy them, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

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