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Access Blueleaf Account

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Added Peace of Mind Starts Here.

Added Peace of Mind Starts Here.

When market changes affect your investments, you will be the first to know.

Financial markets go up, down and sideways. The volatility can be awfully frustrating, difficult to understand, and challenging to stay committed to. But with a proper plan, investing can provide very real long-term rewards.

Want more info on WealthGuard?

WealthGuard™ is a complete portfolio monitoring system. Designed by determining the amount of downside risk a client is willing to tolerate, WealthGuard™ is added to client accounts to help protect from downside risk. WealthGuard™ is not a stop loss strategy. When the account value in the portfolio hits the targeted downside value, an alert is sent to the client, advisor, and money manager. The money manager trades the account as indicated on the WealthGuard™ agreement.

There is no guarantee the exact WealthGuard™ value will be captured, or assets will be traded or liquidated the same day the WealthGuard™ value is reached due to time of day and/or market restrictions. WealthGuard™ is not responsible for any tax implications that may result due to the liquidation or trading of the holdings. FormulaFolio Investments is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the information used to prepare your WealthGuard™ percentages.

WealthGuard™ does not make any representations or warranties, whether expressed or implied, regarding investing in securities or investment products. WealthGuard™ makes no warranties to the legality or suitability of any investment product.

Did you know human beings are twice as concerned about&#160;<em>avoiding losses</em>&#160;than they are about achieving potential&#160;<em>gains</em>?

Did you know human beings are twice as concerned about avoiding losses than they are about achieving potential gains?

That’s one of the reasons humans tend to sabotage their own investing — selling when they get scared, missing the recovery, and buying back in when the markets “feel safe” again.

The old way of managing risk was investing in a mixture of stocks and bonds based on your age. It’s simply an outdated approach.

Your investing needs and financial goals are unique.