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Why Choose to Work with an Independent Firm?

With the security and name recognition the larger firms provide clients, why are “Independent” firms quickly becoming the new normal? We feel it’s due to superior performance, service, and the new fiduciary standard of care, just to name a few.

Large wirehouse investment companies (Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, etc) build portfolios based on demographic generalities and binding user agreements. Rather than simply executing predetermined formulas and standards, independent firms are able to pursue the best investment strategies, assemble the most talented team, and to make decisions based solely on the best interest of our clients.

The desired result? Custom tailored plans and strategies unique to each investor and their family. No bias, no predetermined formula or preferred vendor list, just carefully selected strategies and manager, giving you access to institutional grade investment portfolios.

Andrew S. Perri - RFC, AIF

Andrew S. Perri - RFC, AIF



As of 2016, the majority of financial firms are Independent. This gives our team freedom to pursue stable alternatives, proven performers and exclusive opportunities large brands simply refuse to offer.

The recent economic shift produced unprecedented access to industrial grade investments. These opportunities allow Pinnacle Wealth to offer the Endowment approach to individual investors —with the goal of reducing risk and volatility while increasing returns.



Our strategies have one focus — the investor. Being a small, agile, Independent firm allows us to do this. We aren’t forced to promote proprietary investment products or encouraged to avoid giving advice that doesn’t benefit us. This enables our firm to select the best investment strategies 100% of the time.

Effectively managing taxable events can save up to $.30 on every dollar you’ve worked so hard to earn. Our team delivers specific tax law expertise so profits reside in your pocket, not Uncle Sam’s.



Your financial goals are unique, shouldn’t your portfolio be? We take time to get to know your history, family and preferences before getting started. No scripts, no formulas, just a customized Holistic Plan and an aligned investment portfolio.

At Pinnacle Wealth, collaboration is key. Our clients are complex, and often, so are their lives. We search out like-minded tax, legal and financial resources who can assist us in identifying, researching and executing on strategies that accomplish your goals. Collaboration, not competition. Our client-centered approach always puts your interest first.