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At Pinnacle Wealth, we believe everyone should be able to live the abundant retirement they’ve always wanted.  Our team of professionals are dedicated to helping you create and implement a well thought-out, written strategy designed to help you address your financial needs and concerns for this next phase of your life.

Vision Driven Retirement Road Map Process™ 

Vision Driven Retirement Road Map Process  is a customized written strategy designed to
help get you to and through retirement by focusing on 6 key areas of your financial life

Income Planning

Income Planning

Our goal is to help ensure your expenses can be paid month-to-month with reliability and predictability for the rest of your life.  Research indicates that having a plan tends to lead to a higher degree of confidence in retirement.  Our plans typically include:

  • Social Security maximization
  • Income and expense analysis
  • Spousal continuation planning
  • Back testing of your plan based on math and science, designed to help ensure the highest degree of stability and success
  • A numerical factor that we call- The Confidence Co-Efficient
Investment Planning

Investment Planning

Once your Income Plan is established and optimized, we will create an Investment Strategy that is perfectly matched and synchronized with your income plan.  This typically includes:

  • Assessing your personal risk and volatility tolerance
  • Adjusting your portfolio to reduce fees
  • Volatility control strategies
  • Evaluate various ways to reduce risk while still working towards your goals
  • Longevity protection
Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Any comprehensive retirement plan needs to include a strategy for decreasing both current and long term tax liabilities. This typically includes:

  • Assess the taxable nature of your current holdings
  • Assess all potential tax reduction strategies for your specific situation
  • Strategize ways to include tax deferral or tax-free money in your plan
  • Determine which Tax Bucket to draw income from first to potentially reduce your tax burden over the long-term
  • Discuss ways to leverage qualified money to leave tax-free dollars to your family
Health Care Planning

Health Care Planning

We will create a plan to help you address rising healthcare costs with a minimum of expense including:

  • Looking at all aspects of Medicare parts A, B and D
  • Evaluating and presenting you with potential options when it comes to Medicare supplemental plans
  • Creating a strategy to address the devastating cost of long-term care health expenses
Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning

It’s important to ensure that your hard earned assets go to your beneficiaries in the most tax efficient manner.  This would also include your surviving spouse.  By working collaboratively with a qualified estate planning attorney, our goal will be to help you:

  • Maximize your estate and income planning opportunities
  • Protect any assets in trust and ensure they are distributed to your beneficiaries probate free
  • Prevent your IRA and qualified accounts from becoming fully taxable to your beneficiaries upon death
Cyber and Identity Protection Planning

Cyber and Identity Protection Planning

In today's technology-based world, it’s more important than ever to protect your private data and your family’s personal information.  By following our step-by-step system, you can help to better protect your family’s personal and private information.