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10/19/2020 - On today's podcast:

RMD's and Me

With the current high unemployment rate, chances are you know someone who was affected financially by Covid. Retirement Specialist Denise Appleby talks about the CARES Act, which may be able to benefit you during this time.

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10/12/2020 - On today's podcast:

Mind, Body, Money

Raise your hand if you feel you have your mental, physical, and financial affairs all in perfect check! With life constantly tugging us in all different directions, it’s hard to find that perfect balance between the three. Financial Professional and Reality Show Producer Eszylfie Taylor is here to tell you why a healthy balance is key and how you can achieve it!

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10/5/2020 - On today's podcast:


The internet tells you that you don’t need life insurance if you’re single or young, but your Financial Professional says you do…so who’s right? Join Financial Professional Jim Silbernagel as he debunks common myths on life insurance and figure out what’s right for your life!

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9/28/2020 - On today's podcast:

Ready, Set, Rebound!

When David became a paraplegic at the age of 15, he changed his mind set and never let it stop him. Author David Cooks is on to share the message behind his new book “Getting Undressed” and how Covid-19 is giving you a chance to hit the “reset” button on your life. You won’t want to miss this one!

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9/21/2020 - On today's podcast:

Life insurance is for the living

If you’re in your twenties or thirties, life insurance probably isn’t on the forefront of your mind, but do you know that it serves more of a purpose than just as an emergency plan? Listen to this episode with 23-year-old Author and Financial Professional Caleb Guilliams as he explains the functionalities of life insurance.

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9/14/2020 - On todays podcast:

Bounce Back

A loving husband, a beautiful daughter, a growing and successful career. Jane Blaufus had the perfect life until, out of the blue, everything changed. Tune in to learn how, following the tragic death of her husband, Jane was able to bounce back and regain control of her life and her happiness.

9/7/2020 - On todays podcast:


Since Covid-19 started, how up to date have you stayed with the state of the economy? For this episode we’ve got Van Mueller, a repeat guest of our show, on to talk about predictions on the future of the market. Van breaks down what to expect and what to take advantage of before it’s too late!

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